We have created a range of calculators for you to work out your domestic carbon footprint. You can work out how energy efficient your home is in terms of carbon emissions, as well as calculating the footprint of your travels, and then offset to balance out these emissions to make your home, car or travels CarbonZero.

Flight Calculator

If you want an accurate calculation for the amount of CO2 created by a flight, CO2balance offer an airport flight calculator that features most of the world's airports. Click here to use this calculator. If you wish to quickly offset a flight you can use the quick flight offset on this page.


Household Calculator

The Household calculator can be used to calculate the total annual emmsions for your household. You can include energy consumption, car, bus and rail travel in your calculation.


Car Calculator

Calculate the amount of CO2 created by your annual car travel with our car calculator.


Rail Travel Calculator

If you travel frequently by train you may like to try the Rail Travel calculator. This calculates the amount of CO2 created by journeys between any stations in the UK.


Known CO2 Calculator

Finally if you already know the CO2 amount you can use our Known CO2 calculator to find a price to offset with one of our projects.


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