"Reducing your carbon emissions has the 'double impact' of reducing your costs as well as combating climate change"


There are many ways that you can reduce your company’s, and your own personal, carbon footprint.  CO2balance can help you along the road to carbon reduction with a range of support services, including:

Staff awareness and engagement programme – your staff can make a big impression on your energy and carbon usage making them aware and engaged in the process.  Workshops and green teams can provide a low-cost route to carbon reduction.

Energy assessments – identifying areas where you can make energy and carbon reduction through an on-site review of your office.  The review will provide a report on the cost benefits of improvements that can be made, including a payback analysis.

Renewable energy options – reviewing the opportunities open to your business to install renewable energy systems that will make a direct reduction in your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.

Reporting your actions – promoting and reporting on the actions that you take as a business to reduce your carbon footprint, along with your other environmental improvements, is a great way to demonstrate your environment commitment. Through reporting in a clear and transparent manner - showing your positive impacts and well as openness to reporting uncertainties - you can benefit from being one of the leaders in your sector on environment matters.

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