Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

ESOS is now here and is set to impact 1,000’s of "large" UK companies – do you know what you have to do and is your business ready? CO2balance have been carrying out carbon audits and advice for many years and can help your business walk through the minefield towards full compliance as easily and as simply as possible.

ESOS is a mandatory scheme created in response the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. The concept is that through actively managing your energy usage it will open up potential areas of energy savings, which has the “double whammy” of saving money as well as carbon emissions. There are two sections:

  • Assessment of energy consumption - similar to the Greenhouse Gas Audits that we have been carrying out for companies since 2003.
  • Review of potential energy saving opportunities – actual action is voluntary, but it is mandatory to look at potential opportunities.

Who’s in?

It covers all those that are “large undertakings”; this is classed as companies that:

  • employ at least 250 persons; or
  • employ fewer than 250 persons but has an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euro and an annual balance sheet in excess of 43 million euro

What you need to do:

Carry out an energy audit and saving report; then submit this to the Environment Agency by the 5th December 2015. There are significant fines for non-compliance - £50,000.

How we can help:

We have been carrying out carbon and energy audit for our clients for many years and have the experience to assist you through the compliance requirements – contact us to find out if you are covered by ESOS and how we can help you.

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