CO2balance work with a range of companies to manage their carbon emissions to become CarbonZero™. There are a range of services and packages to suit every type of organisation, no matter how big or small.

offsetting borehole climate change

"The services that we have received from CO2balance have been of a very high standard. In particular the energy efficient stove project that they run in Kenya. This is an important part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility, as the project brings with it clear social and health benefits to families in Kenya as well as the carbon savings that are used to offset our carbon footprint. We have been impressed with the level of service that we have received from CO2balance and would recommend them to others."

- Andrew Rushworth, HR Director, Hill Dickinson LLP

How managing your carbon emissions can benefits your business

Business benefits

  • Many tenders are now asking companies what their carbon footprint is. Managing and offsetting your emissions through community focused projects in Africa helps to secure those those extra tender points
  • Helps to make your proposals stand
    • There is a growing interest and demand in green issues, the public expect companies to play their part
    • Offsetting through projects in Africa can significantly boost a companies Corporate Social Responsibility programme


    • Staying ahead of your competition
    • Meeting the expectations of stakeholders and shareholders; as well as corporate objectives

    Offsetting the carbon emissions from your company or product ensures that you are taking full responsibility for your environmental impacts, demonstrating to your clients, customers and employees of your green credentials.

    For the smaller companies there is the “CarbonZero™ Prepay” package - a ready made carbon audit and offset pack; making it easy to use and quick to implement.

    Larger companies will normally require a Greenhouse Gas Audit to calculate their carbon emissions. Know your carbon footprint already? Then we have a selection of high quality carbon offset projects designed to meet your budget

    Click here for more info: Greenhouse Gas Audit or Contact Us for more information.

    Product or service? - If you are looking to offset your product or service we can arrange for and audit and offset that provides you with a green USP.

    Click here for more info: Life Cycle Analysis or Contact Us for more information.

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